Gross Area

170,000 Sq. M.

Floor Space

110,000 Sq. M.





SOHO Shangdu is a mature, standardized investment product.

It has three basic characteristics:

First, there are fully furnished offices for 270 renters. They are professionally designed and built to a high standard of quality. This makes them easier to rent and allows investors to get rental yields earlier.

Second, there are 450 shops with relatively small floor spaces, making them more suitable for investment. Small shops will also more easily attract customers.

Third, the location and openness of SOHO Shangdu ensures shops there will attract large numbers of customers, not just residents of the apartment building.

SOHO Shangdu is a mixed-use development of 170,000 square meters in gross floor area. Built on a 2.2-hectare site, it has an above ground floor space of 110,000 square meters and an underground floor space of 60,000 square meters.

The whole project is divided into the west, north and south sections. The west section has an eight-story commercial building; the north section has a 24-story office building; and the south section has a 29-story apartment building. In addition there is a five-level shopping mall (from B 1 to Level 4) with shops on every floor.

Peter Davidson


Peter Davidson studied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, after that to London. He has worked in the international architects Magazine Assistant Editor (1981-83), and has also taught at the AA School of Architecture and the Bartlett School of Architecture. Specializing in architectural design, urban planning, interior design, exhibition design. In 1984, he founded the architectural studio of Peter Davidson. Donald and Peter in the Lab Architecture Studio, founded in London in 1994 and won the bid in 1997, Federation Square.





SOHO Shangdu

No 8, Dongdaqiao Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing